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Your Clothes Deserve A Second Chance


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When it comes to how well you look in your clothing, a great fit makes all the difference. For the very best fit possible, buy your clothes a size larger and have them altered by a tailor.

Always try it on.

The advertisements you see in department stores featuring happy men and women effortlessly moving around in flawlessly fitting clothes that look the ones on the racks are a bit deceptive. The clothes they’re wearing typically have been tailored. As odious as it sounds to many of us, it’s important to try on all clothes before you buy it. Check out the fit in the changing-room mirror to be sure that the suit jacket or trousers you want complement your form. Most clothes won’t fit you as perfectly as it does those models without some basic tailoring. If you’re feeling adventurous, and want to purchase clothing online, be sure to review the sizing chart and have all of your measurements handy to select the perfect fit. It’s always a wise choice to review the retailer’s Returns and Exchange Policy, and avoid buying final sale items that cannot be returned or exchanged.

Men: Get your shirt size measurements.

Many guys don’t take this fundamental step. Knowing your exact shirt size will give you a clearer idea of what to look for on the rack and how to tailor clothes once you buy something. Most department stores will have no problem measuring your shirt size for you, and tailors will do it as a matter of course. Measurements will include your neck size, which is taken around the neck from about one inch above the shoulder line, and sleeve size, which extends all the way from your shoulder blades to the tip of the wrist. Keep in mind that your arm should be bent at a right angle when sleeve measurements are taken so that you’ll be able to freely move your arm when you wear the shirt.

Your clothes deserve a second chance.

Before you consider abandoning some of your clothes to moths or charity, you might be able to make them look sharper than ever by getting some alterations. Anything from shirts to pants to jackets to jeans and more can be tailored for a better fit. Your tailor can do your measurements for you, and are usually free of charge if you are soliciting their alternations services. It’s always a good idea to ask your tailor to take your measurements, so you always have an idea of how you want your clothes to fit.

Clean properly.

When it comes to keeping your clothes looking great, a spin in the washer and dryer every now and then won’t cut it. To prevent faded colors and worn fabric, be gentle with washable clothes. Always follow care instructions, and keep in mind that hot washer and dryer temperatures, as well as over-used cleaning detergents, will shorten the life of your clothes. When it comes to sweaters, even the most expensive and pristine will tend to accumulate little bits of visible lint and dirt. Consider using a lint roller, an electric lint remover, a gentle yet meticulous once-over with a disposable razor, or scotch tape only when you want to remove lint from your clothing. Duct tape is too harsh and might damage the fabric.

Of course, with clothes, as with most everything, you get what you pay for. But by buying smart, using a tailor when possible, and taking care for how you clean your clothes, you can look like a million bucks for a whole lot less. For more information, please contact Palm Cleaners.